Are you thinking of adding a conservatory to your home? Perhaps you are, but you do not know what to do with it. Maybe you already have a conservatory but are hoping to update it. You may even be moving into a new home which has one and you simply do not know what role it could play in your new dwelling.

A room flooded with light and one that offers a safe connection to the outside world, a conservatory is a great way to add space, value, storage and character to your home. It is a room which is designed for the main purpose of enjoyment and pleasure. It is where you can sit and have your morning coffee accompanied by your favourite book or where you can curl up in a cosy armchair in the evening to listen to the rainfall.

There are so many options with a conservatory in terms of how it is built, what it’s function is and how it is styled and decorated. In the past, conservatories tended to be freezing in the winter and like a greenhouse in the summer, but now they are much more advanced. Modern conservatories are very well insulated, secure and come with a huge range of options for design.

We understand that designing and building a conservatory may appear to feel like a daunting task, however, it really does not need to be. All it takes is a bit of guidance and reassurance, and you should be on your way to having your perfect conservatory. We have some ideas to get you going on your journey as well as practical advice that you will need to create a new room which the whole family can enjoy.

Turn your conservatory into a dining area


Conservatories are a pleasant place to host meals all year round – cosy in autumn and in the winter, and sunny and fresh-feeling in the spring and the summer. It is also a great idea to free up a current dining room that you may have in your home to serve a different purpose.

Why not consider opening up the back of your home from the kitchen to make an open plan kitchen-come-conservatory. This will give you more space and will beautifully flood the kitchen with natural light with an all-year-round view of the garden.

If you are extended on from your kitchen, it is best to keep the decoration consistent. Keep the flooring and walls as continuous into the new add-on to create a further sense of space.

Open-plan living room


 You could extend your living room with a conservatory. Again, this will open up the living area physically and it will be bathed in natural light, giving the illusion that it is even bigger than it actually is, even with the extension.

Create a beautiful breakfast room

Catch the best light of the day by using your conservatory as a breakfast room. The best way to style this sort of room is with light and bright colours and fabrics and fresh flowers and plants. Start the day right!

Create a Coffee Room

 Make the most of the view of your garden or the rolling countryside by adding on a glass coffee room, a pretty unique way of putting it but it is rather simple.

Of course, this will not only be used for coffee drinking in the sunshine, but the name is given to rooms like this which feature the aesthetic of a comfy seating area, bookshelves and coffee tables.

A conservatory as an office


Great for those who work from home, creating a spacious and pleasant environment for an office can really boost productivity. People who work from home often make the mistake of cooping themselves up in the smallest room of their house and calling it the office.

Why not transform your conservatory into a beautiful and inspiring environment which you can feel relaxed, even during the most stressful times? During the summer, you can even have the windows and doors open to really get the feeling that you are enjoying the garden whilst you are actually working.

Even if you are not a someone who works from home, having this study space is valuable, can look fabulous and can simply be part of any type of conservatory. It is also a great space for children to do their homework as it is not closed off or stuffy.

Utilise your conservatory as a utility room

Get yourself organised with a beautiful brand-new utility room which lets you do the chores with the sun shining in on you. A utility room does not have to be bland, rather you can decorate the room with pretty flowers and accessories to keep the space as homely as possible.

A botanical indoor garden

 Bring the outdoors indoors and create a beautiful and bright room filled with flowers, plants and even water features. This is perfect for those who do not have a garden to speak of or have a rather small garden. Even if you do have a decent garden, but it is not particularly private with neighbours being able to see into it, this is a great tranquil space to relax in.

Having a room filled with all-things wonderful can be very relaxing and you can enjoy being in a garden-type environment even when it is pouring down with rain or heavily snowing.

A smaller conservatory

If your conservatory is smaller in size, you can still make it wonderful and purposeful. Create a little haven to escape to with a big armchair and footstool. You could take the pressure off the living room by fitting in a corner sofa, looking out onto the garden, to create a chill-out zone.

In smaller conservatories, it is best to keep the décor light and the fabrics lightweight so that it looks bigger than it actually is. The light from outside will help to do this as well, but the lighter wall paint or wallpaper will compliment this bright feel.