The Bedroom

Your bedroom is your place of solace; this will mostly be reflected in the décor. This will not be your first bedroom, but it will likely be the first one that is totally your own. So often are first-time movers so enthralled by personalising their own space, that the bare essentials are forgotten.

What to buy:

  • Linen

  • Lighting

  • Storage

There’s nothing worse than gearing up for your first night’s sleep in that new double bed of yours, and realising that you’ve come without sheets and a duvet cover to shield you at night. Your best bet is to buy linen sets with matching duvet and pillow cases, as well as compliment the interior of your room for optimum aesthetic value.

Bedrooms are all about ambience. This is best cheaply provided by subtle lighting. A simple string of fairy lights will bridge the nether zone that is between stark light and utter darkness.

Keep your clothes at bay with simple storage boxes to keep your room from turning into the inevitable ‘floordrobe’. Shoe-racks and drawer dividers are offer an added bonus for the budding bedroom organizers out there.

The Kitchen

Your kitchen should strike a fine line between optimum functionality and homeliness. The kitchenware market conveniently tends to offer a 2-in-1 service, with many contraptions designed to simultaneously work well and look pretty on your counter (note: the copperware trend).

What to buy:

  • Wine Glasses

  • Knife Block & Chopping Board

  • Tea Towels

No home is complete without wine glasses; you cannot treat your guests to the same booze-in-mug routine as you did back at university. If you really want to show off your initiation into adulthood, buy champagne flutes, too.

You don’t want to be caught-out chopping onions with a butter knife, or worse, mutilating your worktop for a lack of chopping-board. Get yourself a good block of knives and keep that surface protected whilst you’re at it.

Tea-towels are a hidden gem; they offer excellent decorative value as well as being more economically viable than disposable kitchen towels. Don’t miss a trick by forgetting the supreme tea towel.

The Living Area

Call it the lounge, call it the living room; ‘relax’ is what this space is built to invoke. Give this room the TLC it deserves in order for it to be, well, lived in.

What to buy:

  • Decorative Cushions

  • Room Diffuser and/or Scented Candles

  • Blankets

Bedeck your sofa with comfortable and stylish cushions. These are an absolute must-have if you have been endowed with a slightly unfortunate looking-or-feeling sofa.

This is the prime ‘hang-out’ spot for your guests; save them from potential musky smells with a good room-diffuser or scented candles. These items also add a decorative touch to what can often be a sparse room.

Blankets and throws offer optimum comfort and style to your living space. They will also come in handy for those inevitable moments where that pesky friend ‘accidentally’ crashes on your sofa for the night.

The Bathroom

The general rule that should be applied to all bathrooms is: keep it clean. A cleaner bathroom; a cleaner you. Easy.

What to buy:

  • Toilet Roll Holder

  • Hand Soap

  • Toothbrush Holder

Don’t leave the loo roll to fester on the floor; make sure you have a working toilet roll holder for both the roll on the go and the rolls in waiting to keep those hygiene standards at a respectable level.

Hand-soap is an obvious one, but is so often forgotten. Ensure that it is made for the hands, given that many soaps can be too harsh on this sensitive area. A further tip: buy two hand-soaps at a time  in order to avoid running out and an inevitable germ epidemic from sweeping your new home.

In a similar vein, keep your toothbrushes from gathering nasties by replacing the old brush cup with an unadulterated, easy-clean toothbrush holder. Your teeth will be thanking you later.


Many items are somewhat non-specific and therefore in most danger of being forgotten by first-time movers. The ‘miscellaneous’ list is potentially limitless, but here are a few fundamentals:

  • Cleaning Kit

  • Mirrors

  • Photos and Photo Frames

  • Water Filter

  • Stationary Items

  • Medicine Cupboard

  • Spare Change Tin

  • Houseplants

  • Books

Now, with these items, you should be able to successfully pose as a fully-functioning adult with a properly equipped home to prove it. Let the soirées commence!