It is coming to a time in your children’s life where they are on the cusp of teenage-hood, and quite frankly, they are beginning to outgrow their room décor and aesthetic. You may be reluctant to make any changes due to the expenses and because their rooms always seem to be messy, but you do not necessarily have to fork out tonnes of cash on all-new furniture pieces and this may encourage them to keep it tidy. You would be surprised what a bit of restyling could do for the look and feel of the bedroom.

As well as not having to be too expensive, the process can be seriously fun! You can get creative and work off the growing personalities of your kids to bring to life a room which will reflect them well.

In this guide on bridging loans, we aim to help you get started with this transformation with a few helpful tips.

Create a Design Plan

To get a better sense of your ideas and before you take on the task of moving anything around, create a clear design plan to stick to throughout the process. Maybe even start with a mood-board, which will outline the colour scheme and overall aesthetic to give you inspiration. A mood board can be a collection of images from various sources, such as the internet, magazines or even your own hand drawn sketches. Whatever inspires you, put it on the board. The mood board may be based on a certain theme like “vintage” or “beach hut” or around a colour scheme.

To help you along your way, it may also be helpful to look at design blogs or vlogs that feature posts showcasing teen bedrooms. You may find a particular look or style based on the images or videos you find of existing bedrooms.

You may wish to incorporate the teen’s interests into the design of the room. For example, if they are into guitar playing, you could have images which match this present and also you could include things like a guitar wall-hook etc.

If you are parent redesigning the room, make sure you have your child on board through t whole process as you do not want to create something that you would love, but they are not keen on. If you are the teen wanting to change up your room, it is important that you and your parents agree on the overall style of the room.

Start with wall colours

One of the biggest and cheapest ways to take a room from a kids room into a teenage appropriate room. It can make such a dramatic difference in a variety of ways. Colour can make the room appear bigger or smaller, lighter and brighter or can give off a particular mood; for example, blue is very calming but can also make the room feel cooler in temperature.

Gather up paint swatches from your local paint shop to decide what colours and shades will suit your room and the theme the most. It is wise to try out the colours on the wall before you go ahead a buy enough for the entire room in order to avoid choosing the wrong colour.

If you are wanting to create a very relaxing space, you might want to try neutral tones or light blues or greens. You can add pops of colour with the accessories.

For a bolder look, you may wish to look at more interesting colours like hot pinks or oranges. You may even want to consider a feature wall.

Decide which furniture you are going to keep or replace

Make a list of every piece of furniture in the bedroom and consider what you want to keep and what you think needs an upgrade. Remember that you can update your existing furniture with fresh paint or some new drawer handles.

You may think it’s time to add a double bed in the room to replace a single bed, but the other furniture pieces are still in good nick. Adding a double bed may be a good investment as you can use a teenager’s room as a spare room once they have moved out – saving you having to make further changes in the future.

Consider selling or donating unwanted furniture, or even using it for different rooms in your home.