About Us

Founded in 2015, Octagon Capital is passionate about bringing transparency to the bridging finance industry.

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Based in the centre of London, we have partnered with the award-winning SPF Short Term Finance who will take every enquiry made via our application or email and match your requirements with one the best lenders in the country.

Whether you are looking for a small loan to do a property refurbishments or a large loan to complete on a deal within 28 days, we can help find the right product for you.

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Partnered with SPF Short Term Finance.
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Meet The Team

For funding in the US, please see our subsidiary, Capital Bean.

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Our 8 Values


  • Transparency

  • Friendly

  • Effective

  • Honest

  • Customer-focused

  • Approachable

  • Results-driven

  • Contactable

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How Our Site Works

Simply fill in a few details on our application form or send us an email. SPF Short Term Finance will be in touch and by understanding your requirements, will put you in touch with the ideal lender. Although you may be looking for a bridging loan, there may be other more affordable options available to you such as second charge mortgages or development finance. Our team of expert advisors review every enquiry on an individual basis to find you the right terms.

Our Promise

We promise that when you make an application, your details will only be available to SPF Short Term Finance and then passed onto one single lender. We will not share your details with multiple companies or sell your details so you can rest assured that you will not receive lots of text messages or unwanted phone calls.

We vet every company that we work with to ensure that they follow the guidelines of responsible lending and treating customers fairly. Some lenders are regulated and some are not, meaning that they are non-status lenders and do not rely on credit scoring as part of the application or lend to people if it is their primarily residence – this will be made clear to you during the process.

About The Industry

In February 2019, it was reported that the bridging loan industry is worth over £7 billion in the UK, an increase from £750 million in 2011. This shows strong growth in the industry which highlights a strong consumer demand that see bridging as an alternative to mortgages and other finance from mainstream banks. This is combined with healthy competition from brokers and lenders who maintain a good reputation for responsible lending. With the surge in interest, we are pleased to offer potential customers and investors the opportunity to find a bridging loan that suits their needs.