Bridge Finance to Secure Property Purchase

Bridge Finance can help you complete on a property on a tight deadline. Octagon Capital can help you secure up to 70% of the property value within 14 days or less.

  • Borrow £50,000 to £25 million
  • Residential, commercial, new builds and more
  • Borrow over 3 to 24 months
  • Up to 70% LTV regulated and 75% LTV non-regulated
  • Rates from 0.44% per month
  • All credit scores considered
  • Funded in 10 to 14 days, average completion from start to finish is 3-4 weeks

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We are proudly partnered with SPF Short Term Finance who will process your enquiry.

We are partnered with SPF Short Term Finance who will process your enquiry

How Does a Bridge Loan Work?

A bridge loan or bridge finance is designed to help people complete on a property or business venture in a short deadline or timeframe. This source of finance is always secured against a residential or commercial property including homes, flats, stores, garages, offices or similar.

The idea is that you are able to get funds quicker than if you applied for a typical mortgage or from your bank. Certainly for property developers, it is a way to avoid property breaks or chains – and if you want to complete on a property for buy-to-let, to live in or as an investment, bridge finance can be the quickest way to do.

Bridge loans will typically last from 3 to 24 months, with the option to pay monthly or have fees rolled up until the end of the loan term. You can borrow between £50,000 and £25 million provided that you meet the criteria. You can typically receive funds within 14 days of completion and sometimes sooner.

Why Should I Apply For a Bridge Finance or Loan with Octagon Capital?

Octagon Capital is partnered with SPF Short Term Finance who work with over 40 bridging lenders and has already successfully helped a number of investors and property developers to secure funding within a short deadline.

When it comes to any sort of bridging loan, we understand that speed and transparency is everything, so whether you want to speak to us before you purchase or once you have secured the property, we can present you with all the different options, most competitive rates and the next steps.

Our team of team of advisors at Octagon have dealt with all kinds of bridge loans and finance in the past over the years – and can provide sound advice and guidance to maximise approval and funding within the given timeframe.


Our Bridge Finance Lenders

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Enter how much you need to borrow and how long for – and our team of advisors will come back to you quickly with some initial fees and quotes from across the bridging market.

  • Please give us a call if you require more than £25,000,000

What Are The Benefits of Using Bridge Finance Over Other Options?

We compare bridge finance over using other traditional forms of borrowing or investment, including mortgages, personal loans or private investors.

Speed of Transaction – Bridge loan are designed to be processed and funded quickly, with the average completion date around 21 days from the first date of application. However, provided that you get all your documents in a row and prepare beforehand, or if you have dealt with bridging before, it is not uncommon to get funds in 14 days or less.

Avoid Property Chains – Mortgages can often come with property chains, whereby you may need to sell your existing property to purchase another (using the equity that you have in it). With bridging, you can purchase a residential or commercial property – even if you have not sold your existing property. You can avoid getting caught in property chains from other people higher or lower down the chain, which can often cancel or delay important deals going through.

Works Within a Tight Deadline – When you are buying a property at a certain deadline, maybe because it is auction finance and you have 28 days, or you have other investors involved or planning permission that might expire – this is when bridging finance can offer the quickest and most effective form of secured lending.

Available to All Credit Histories – Whilst mortgages and personal loans are usually reliant on good credit scores, bridge lenders will take a difference view and consider all kinds of credit histories.

A lot of the potential in the deal lies in the value and possibilities with your property and project. So if you have good plans written up and have sourced a great investment, you can still have a strong chance of being approved, even with bad credit or a CCJ.

What is The Criteria For Bridge Finance?

To be eligible, you need to be over 18 years of age and can demonstrate some credit history or experience with property development.

You can be a homeowner, a first-time buyer, investor, property developer or limited company.

Bridging is always secured against a valuable asset, usually a residential or commercial property. So having a property that you are looking to purchase and ensuring that you have done basic due diligence, survey and checked for any issues, will be essential.

The more information you can provide on your property or investment, the better. Do you have potential costs? Timescales? Exit plans? If you have a business plan and can demonstrate your plans over the next 12 or 24 months, it will add credibility to your application and help you get access to the funding you need.

Am I Eligible For Bridge Finance From Octagon Capital?

  • Your property is located in UK, Scotland or Wales
  • You are limited company or household
  • The property is in fair or good condition (not sinking or abandoned)
  • You have plans for the property (buy-to-let, refurbish)
  • To have plans to repay in 3 to 24 months
  • All credit histories are considered

Credit history is important for a lot of financial products. Bridge finance lenders will take all kinds of credit history into consideration, but it helps if you have a good or fair credit history and have not experienced any recent bankruptcy. You should not be deterred if you have had previous defaults or IVAs.

Importantly, the quality and potential of your property is very important – since with secured lending, this is what the lender is investing in. Do you have a property that will maintain its value or go up? Do you have good plans for your property and have you researched the area? Do you have a good track record? This will certainly help your eligibility for a bridge loan.


What Happens After I Apply?

The team at Octagon Capital will come back to your with a list of options and should you wish to proceed, we will grant you with an official Offer in Principal (OIP).

Once we receive the signed OIP we will liaise with our appointed RICS valuer to arrange an appointment with you to value the property.

Our panel valuers are instructed to produce reports within 72 hours so the process can be facilitated as quickly as possible, after all, we appreciate that you have a 28 day deadline.

We will need to liaise with your solicitor and send them our checklist of requirements. Assuming that the property valuation is up to scratch, our lawyers will send your lawyers the mortgage deed for signature. To finalise everything, you will need to visit your lawyers and provide at least one piece of photo identification and two pieces showing proof of residence (e.g utility bill and bank statement) as these are required to sign the mortgage deed.

Once our lawyers receive this documentation, we are ready to go and your funds will be released so you can complete!