Oakbridge is a direct lender with an office presence in both Manchester and London. Founded in 2004, the company offers bridging finance for both regulated and non-regulated purposes, starting from £100,000 to £5 million. The loans are repaid over 1 month to 12 months with a minimum redemption period of 1 month. Oakbridge emphasize the speed of their transactions and the promise to return a decision in principle and indicative terms within 2 hours of receiving a request.


Minimum Age
Loan Value Available
£100,000 to £5,000,000
Loan Length
1 to 12 months
Typical Time to Fund
2 to 10 working days
Interest Rates
From 0.65% per month
Credit Check
Depends on customer
Other Information
Up to 65% LTV
FCA License Number
  • Direct Lender
  • FCA Authorised
  • Secured Loan

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Octagon Capital

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How The Application Works

Customers can apply by filling in the form above or by emailing us at sales@octagoncapital.co.uk. You will be put through directly to our partners at Brightstar Financial who will be able to answer any questions you have and get your application ready for Oakbridge.

Oakbridge take pride in the speed of their applications and always aim to give an answer to any applicants within 2 hours of making contact. This may result in an agreement in principle, which is a formal written offer stating that they can offer you a loan with the terms, providing that everything stacks up with their surveyors and solicitors.

A valuer will be instructed by Oakbridge as soon the borrower confirms that they wish to proceed with the loan facility. The valuer will contact the borrower to arrange access to the property and payment for the survey will take place directly between the two parties.

Provided that the valuer can give a satisfactory report on the property and both sets of lawyers can complete all the formalities, funds can be distributed within 2 to 10 days.

Oakbridge: Loan Terms

Customers can apply to borrow between £100,000 to £5 million with a maximum loan-to-value of up to 65%. This means that any applicants will need to put in a minimum of 35% of the loan value out of their own savings or investments. The minimum age to apply is 21 but there is no upper age limit, whereas some lenders will cap this as 70, 75 or 80 years old – so this could benefit those looking for equity release.

Oakbridge proudly do not offer any admin or exit fees, provided that you have had the loan open for at least a month. There is an administration fee from 1.00% and this is required to show your commitment to the company and also to pay for any costs relating to legals and paperwork. Loans are available for first charges and also second charges, which will be the second priority when it comes to your monthly mortgage repayments.

Every applicant must have a clear exit strategy when it gets to the 12 month period. This can include completing on a buy-to-let, finishing a development, renovation or paying through one’s income.

Oakbridge and Who They Lend To

Oakbridge state that they lend both regulated and non-regulated to individuals, limited companies, LLPs, sole traders, partnerships, SIPPs, SSASs and Trusts. Bridging is typically used as a way to receive an injection of cash in order to fund something else. Loans are always secured, first charge or second charge and repayment can be made upon the sale of something (e.g previous home).

Other purposes include:

Buying/Securing a property before selling existing property – this is a very common reason why people use bridging. If homeowners are struggling to sell their existing homes and they plan to move into another, they can use the finance in order to put in an offer and move in. Then, when their original homes sells within the next 12 months, they can simply use that money to pay back their loan.

Downsizing and equity release – this can relate to older populations who are looking to use the value from their existing home in order to plan for the next stages of their lives. Whether it is moving to a smaller home or flat because you are retiring or the kids have moved out. Perhaps you want to release funds to maintain some long term financial security, you can use the equity built up in your home in order to open up some funds.

You can ‘release the equity’ from your home and use it to move out or you can treat it as a type of loan and repay a few per cent in interest every year. The loan will always be secured on the property in question so if you fall behind on your repayments, the lender will have a stake in your home. The uses for equity release include:

  • A pension
  • Help children buy a home
  • Repay debt
  • Help family pay for education or debt
  • Help pay for residential care or nursing home

Development – Common reasons for bridging loans include the use of property improvement or refurbishment. Finance can be used to pay for land costs, contractors, architects, materials and more – with the intention to build up the property, rent it out or sell it on the open market for a higher price. This can be used by developers, landlords or even individuals to buy a new home.

Business – The Oakbridge website states that their funding also can be used for business reasons including seed capital to launch a new business, investment opportunities in need of short term funds to see a larger return, business acquisition or buying out partners. The process can involve securing any finance on an existing property or work offices, using the money to purchase a business or buy out other stakeholders and repaying once you have generated more revenue.

Other uses include:

  • Purchase of Freehold/Extending Lease
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Divorce bill or settlement
  • Payment of Income tax/Corporation tax
  • Repayment of Directors and Related Party Loans

Useful Information

Oakbridge do not lend to buy-to-let mortgages, (other than consumer BTL) or loans to companies.

Oakbridge is authorised to advise on regulated mortgage contracts.

All loans can be extended subject to understanding the full requirements and an exit plan is in place. If the client is working on a development project, there may have been some delays and only a few more extra months are needed. This would be a viable reason to extend the loan term.

All applicants must instruct their own solicitor and Oakbridge will only provide their own solicitor in urgent cases. Customers do not need to show proof of income or need to pass credit checks if the loan is unregulated. Regulated activity may be further to different requirements.

Company Information

Address: 94-96 Wigmore St, Marylebone, London W1U 3RF

Countries they operate: England, Scotland and Wales.

Member of: ASTL

Company no: 05274204

FCA authorisation number: 453642

Octagon Capital is the trading name of Tudor Lodge Digital Ltd which trades under company number: 10437769

Octagon Capital does not provide advice on regulated mortgage contracts or credit agreements, these are carried out by one of our independent FCA regulated associates. Octagon Capital acts as a Credit Broker with access to whole of market and does not act as a Lender.


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