London House launched in May 2021 with the founders having more than 30 years of combined experience in the real estate sector.

The firm offers a combination of sales and lettings for some of the most exclusive London properties in coveted areas such as Mayfair, Holland Park, Belgravia and Marylebone including newly refurbished flats with park views or multi-million pound townhouses.

Visit their website today and you’ll find a 6-bedroom property on Hanover Terrace, Regents Park for £17,950,000 and a 7 bedroom apartment on Albion Riverside overlooking the Thames that will set you back £10 million.

The business started officially in September 2013 by Alex Bourne and Richard Douglas, who were both actors and met at a drama school before starting in property in 2005. The team had opened several successful offices as sales managers for one of London’s leading agents before starting their own business. The duo recently rebranded to become London House in April this year.

prime residential property
London House lists properties ranging from £1 million to £100 million

Speaking about their re-brand, the founders explain that “London House brings clients a contemporary, positive experience grounded in strong personal relationships.”

“We call London our home, a city with the greatest properties in the world, where fascinating people from across the globe choose to make their home for a while — or for good. We’re here for them. For the solo high flyers, for the fun-loving international power couples and for the globetrotting families who want to plant their roots: London House has it all.”

“We’re not a company that trades in houses. We’re a group of individuals who build relationships. Because when it comes to the world’s greatest property, in the world’s greatest city, you need more than just another agent.”

London House’s services include sales and lettings, offering a full-service for buying and selling prime London property and giving access to London’s most exclusive and desirable lettings. London House can also work on a retained basis for high net worth clients to source and manage their property needs. 

“We want to be the first name on the lips of high net worth clients as they consider their search for prime London property. For properties ranging from £1 million to £100 million, we will achieve our vision by sharing our experience through client relationships and a deep understanding of the London neighbourhoods that we know and love.”

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