Landlord Loans and Factoring - Get Landlord Rent Paid Upfront

Access Up to £10,000 Immediately against Your Rental Income

Are you a landlord struggling to manage your finances while waiting for rent payments? Octagon Capital understands the challenges you face and find a landlord loan to alleviate your cash flow constraints.

With our landlord loans and factoring services, you can access up to £10,000 upfront against your future rental income. This immediate injection of capital can help you meet urgent financial obligations and make essential property improvements without delay.

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What is a Landlord Loan?

A landlord loan provides a lifeline to landlords seeking to unlock the value of their rental income. By converting future rental income into upfront cash, landlords can address pressing financial needs, improve tenant living standards and invest in property enhancements. Landlord loans offer:

  • Protection of your credit score through responsible lending practices
  • Affordable monthly fees designed to fit your budget and improve cash flow
  • No hard credit checks, ensuring accessibility even for landlords with bad credit histories
  • Flexible terms that cater to your individual circumstances, unlike rigid traditional financing options
  • Ability to repay early, rewarding proactive financial management and reducing long-term costs

What Can a Landlord Loan Be Used For?

Octagon Capital’s can find you a landlord loan to meet your financial needs and help enhance your property portfolio. You can use your loandlord loan for:

  • Comprehensive property improvements, including refurbishments, renovations and repairs to maintain high-quality living standards for tenants and increase property value
  • Retrofitting projects aimed at improving energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact and complying with regulatory standards
  • Covering personal expenses such as emergency repairs, legal fees, property taxes and unexpected financial obligations that may arise
Landlord Loans and Factoring

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What Is The Eligibility Criteria For a Landlord Loan?

At Octagon Capital, we believe in inclusive financial solutions that cater to the diverse needs of landlords. Our landlord loans and factoring services are accessible to all landlords, with a particular focus on those with properties rated D to G on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) scale.

We understand that each landlord’s situation is unique, which is why we have partnered with a lender who will carefully consider individual circumstances to ensure services are tailored to your specific needs.

What Is Landlord Factoring?

Landlord factoring or landlord finance is a financial solution that allows landlords to convert their future rental income into immediate cash without incurring additional debt. Through this service, landlords can enjoy:

  • Convenient management of cash flow through structured monthly installments, enabling better financial planning and stability
  • The opportunity to invest in property upgrades, maintenance and repairs promptly, ensuring properties remain competitive and attractive to tenants
  • The avoidance of additional liabilities on their balance sheets, as factoring is not considered a loan but a sale of rents receivable

How Much Can I Access Upfront With a Landlord Loan?

With Octagon Capital’s landlord loans and factoring services, you can access up to £10,000 upfront, no matter the size of your portfolio, providing immediate relief for your financial concerns.

The repayment terms are flexible, allowing you to spread the repayments over 6 to 18 months in manageable monthly installments that suit your cash flow requirements. 

How Soon Can I Receive My Rent Avance?

The process for receiving your rent advances is streamlined and efficient. You will need to produce a signed tenancy agreement and relevant documentation, such as proof of address and government-issued identification.

Once the terms are agreed upon with your lender, you’ll receive a lump sum payment promptly. A portion of your future monthly rent will then be allocated towards the agreed repayment term.

How Much Money Can I Access Upfront With A Landlord Loan?

With Octagon Capital’s landlord loans and factoring services, you can access up to £10,000 upfront. The repayment terms are flexible, allowing you to spread the repayments over 6 to 18 months in manageable monthly installments that suit your cash flow requirements.

How Much Does Landlord Factoring Cost?

You will be charged a competitive monthly factoring fee, which is adjusted based on the length of your loan terms. Additionally, there is an arrangement fee associated with the factoring services. .

Unlock the potential of your rental income today with Octagon Capital’s landlord loans and factoring services. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your financial goals and help you achieve success in your property investments.


A maximum fee of 1% of the loan amount is payable – for example on a mortgage of £100,000 the fee would be £1,000, the exact fee will be dependent on your circumstances. For Bridging Finance where the net loan amount is £150,000 or below, the maximum fee charged is £1,995.

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