benefits of using a mortgage advisor

Summary: An informative and comprehensive guide that informs readers on the many reasons why it’s beneficial to use a mortgage advisor when moving house, including to save stress and ensure that the process is completed correctly. Also includes statistics about mortgages in the UK.

Whether it’s a first-time property or you’re just moving from one property to another, moving house is an important milestone that can carry a lot of stress. That’s why many people opt to employ the services of a local mortgage advisor. But why do so? Here are just a few of the various benefits of hiring a mortgage advisor when buying a property:


Saves you money

Mortgage advisors have an extensive network of contacts including real estate agencies, solicitors and more. This means that they can scour for the latest and best properties within your budget without resorting to going above budget. The best mortgage advisors not only find properties at low prices, but they also take into consideration all of the additional fees and find great deals so you can get as much as possible for your money.


Saves you time

Mortgage advisors are skilled at what they do. Successful mortgage advisors are backed by years of experience, which means they’re incredibly proficient at their job. While the average house hunting period takes place for anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks, a mortgage advisor can help to lower this stage by finding properties through their network quickly and efficiently. Their specialist tools can take all of your requirements and circumstances into consideration to filter properties swiftly.

You can read more about the house hunting stage of buying a property here.


Saves you stress

Mortgage advisors have helped hundreds of clients buy houses over the years. They understand how stressful the house-buying process is and are on hand to help make the process as easy as possible for you. Hiring a mortgage advisor means the work that would normally have to be done completely by you can now be split between yourself and a professional backed by formal training and practical experience. They can also take care of the paperwork so there’s no risk of incorrect applications.


Other benefits of mortgage advisors

Alongside the above benefits, mortgage advisors also:

  • Provide generalised financial advice
  • Know the best lenders in your local area
  • Chase up your application as deadlines approach

Whether you’re buying a house with chain or no-chain circumstances, mortgage advisors can simplify and streamline the process. It’s an extra cost to consider but it can be well worth the money due to the many benefits they offer.


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