professional house cleaning cost

Professional house cleaning will range between £10-£60 per hour. The reason for such a broad range is that the cost will depend on the specific type of house cleaning that is required. 

Different home cleaning tasks will have varying levels of difficulty. Simple weekly cleans to keep your house neat and tidy will cost between £10-25 per hour. For an average 3 bedroom house in the UK for a regular light clean you could expect to pay £150-250. 

Cleaning jobs that are more difficult , requiring more skill , specialist cleaning products and machinery will cost significantly more. Carpet cleaning for example costs £25-60 per hour given specialist chemicals and equipment are required. Deep cleaning is a much more thorough service than a routine clean and will also cost more. Given the difficulty of deep cleaning , such as cleaning an oven appliance , it can cost as much as £40-60 per hour.

End of tenancy cleans are particularly meticulous and can cost £50-100 per hour. These cleans require far more work given they are being returned to a near perfect state of condition for new inbound tenants. The same is true for after builders cleans which are cleans post renovation work. The clean of these homes will require more extensive work such as cleaning rubble out of the carpets and will cost £30 per hour.


House cleaning costs at a glance:

  • £10 to £25 per hour (based on London prices)
  • £150 – £250 full house clean of 3 bedroom house (based on London)
  • £25 to £60 per hour for carpet cleaning
  • £40 to £60 for deep cleaning
  • £50 to £100 for end of tenancy cleaning


Source: Serna FM

What factors impact the price of a professional house clean?

There are many factors that impact the price of a house clean , varying from the difficulty of the task to the time required to complete the task. Here’s a breakdown of the main factors that impact the cost of cleaning your home:


  • Location: price will vary on location. Expect to pay more in areas with higher living costs. This is usually the case in larger cities, particularly London


  • Difficulty: the more challenging and unappealing a task the more it’ll cost. Oven cleaning and window cleaning represent good examples here.


  • Type of cleaning: price will depend on the tools , expertise, training and intensity of cleaning required to fulfil the task. Light dusting will cost considerably less than external window cleaning . The most expensive cleaning jobs are those that require industrial equipment to aptly complete the job


  • Pets or kids: kids and pets will increase the level of dirt, fur, stains etc. in your homes. Consequently it will take longer to clean these homes which results in higher costs

  • Size of the area: the larger the area is, the more it will cost to clean. The cleaner will need to assess the square footage of the building to correctly quote their prices.More experienced companies will do a site evaluation beforehand and give indicative pricing.

  • Time required: this will be a function of the size of the area that is required to be cleaned as well as the difficulty of the task. The more time it takes the higher costs will be.

  • Size & number of windows: if window cleaning is also required the number of windows will impact pricing. Larger windows and those that are harder to reach take longer to clean and will cost more. The more glass there is to clean, the more it’ll cost. 


  • Experience: More experienced cleaners and cleaning agencies will charge more. Typically they will be more skilled and have access to better equipment and cleaning supplies.


  • Frequency: the more often you require a cleaner, the more the costs will stack. However, reduced rates can often be negotiated when regular cleaners are required.


professional house cleaning


What is involved in a professional house clean?

Tasks involved in a professional house clean will depend on the type of cleaning you require. For a routine general house clean this will involve; dusting, hoovering, wiping down surfaces, cleaning toilets and tidying. 

For a more in depth clean such as an end of tenancy clean more extensive services will be required. This could include; carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, cleaning out of fridges and freezers, cleaning windows and the cleaning of the inside of shelves and cupboards. 

After renovations , a thorough clean of the home is required before handover. After builders cleans often includes removing construction debris and removing soil and grit from carpets amongst other standard deep cleaning services

What is involved in the clean will depend on specifically what you have requested. Some specialist cleaning companies can come and clean just your carpets or just your windows. Make sure to explain in detail specifically what cleaning services you require when speaking to a potential cleaning company. What is included as a standard will vary from company to company so make sure to enquire what is involved in their standard house clean. We’d even recommend creating a task list for the cleaner to ensure the exact cleaning you require is completed.