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Funding 365 is a direct bridging lender based in South-West London offering residential and commercial finance ranging from £100,000 to £10 million+ for durations of 3 to 18 months. The company was founded in 2013, by Mike Strange, Jeff Stolz and Mike Jinn and emphasises the speed and transparency of their transactions. Funding 365 pride themselves on not charging any mortgage acceptance fees, exit fees or early repayment fees, instead giving customers the option to repay early at any point and receive a rebate of interest, claiming it is the ‘right thing to do for the customer.’


Minimum Age
Loan Value Available
£100,000 to £10,000,000+
Loan Length
3 to 18 months
Typical Time to Fund
A few days after approval
Interest Rates
0.65% per month (residential) and 0.75% per month (commercial)
Credit Check
Other Information
Up to 75% LTV
FCA License Number

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Products Available From Funding 365

Customers can apply for funding for both residential and commercial properties. As an unregulated lender, Funding 365 does not offer loans secured against the borrowers main residence– instead they offer loans to  investors and developers who would use a bridging loan as a way to purchase a property with the intention to renovate it and then sell it on  for a profit or generate income through renting it out to tenants.

For commercial properties, this relates to buildings that are used for business purposes including offices, warehouses  and retails units. These types of security will have different requirements and criteria.

Funding 365 have five different products on offer, but these only provide a guideline to what they can look at. As they are uniquely funded, Funding 365 can be flexible in considering loans that sit outside the criteria.

All loans are only lent on a first charge basis and on properties in England and Wales.

Prime Residential

Funding 365’s Prime residential product is primarily for the purchase or refinance of a BTL property that does not require any development. The borrower must almost have 3 years of a solid credit profile. For these cases, they can offer between £200,000 to £2 million for 3 to 18 months at a 50% LTV and interest rate starting from 0.65% per month.

Classic Residential

One step up and you are able to borrow up to £5 million with a 75% LTV. The interest rates range from 0.75% per month and can last up to 18 months, with the option to repay early. Like the Premium product, this is available to those with adverse credit in the background. . Once again, it is targeted for those interested in buy-to-let and purchasing at an auction, and not those purchasing an owner occupier property.

Commercial Bridge

The commercial bridge product is for UK nationals and limited companies only and can be used for the following purposes:

  • Acquisition of commercial investment property
  • Refinancing of maturing commercial debt
  • Working capital for your business
  • Light property refurbishment

The amount you can borrow is £100,000 to £10 million+ with a maximum gross loan of 70%, requiring you to invest the remaining 30% out of your own finances. The loan duration is 3 months to 18 months with the option to repay early and receive a rebate of interest. The commercial bridge option is not available for vacant property in disrepair, properties with potential environmental contamination, agricultural property. Semi-commercial properties are considered if the borrower does not reside above the commercial element of the security.

The Funding 365 website states that higher amounts above £5 million are available upon request and higher LTVs are possible with additional security on a first or second charge basis.Valuation is typically the OMV, although other measures may be used on a case-by-case basis.

Short Lease Bridge

The purpose of this is for purchasing of a leasehold investment property with a remaining lease term of 10-70 years or to fund the purchase of a lease extension. The minimum loan size is £200,000 and a maximum of £1.5 million with a LTV of 70%, depending on the rental value. This is not used for commercial bridging or refinancing, nor if the freeholder is unknown. Again this product is only offered on  a first charge basis and the loan exit must involve the intention to extend the lease beyond 75 years.

Additional Fees From Funding 365

Other fees to be aware of  include an arrangement fee of 2%, valuation fees (based on surveyor) and legal fees (based on solicitor). As mentioned, there are no early exit fees and you can receive a rebate of interest for early repayment provided that your loan has been open for at least 3 months.

Company Information

Address: 2nd Floor, 30 Stamford Street, London, SE1 9PY

Countries they operate: England and Wales.

Member of: NACFB, AOBP

Company no: 8488034


Octagon Capital is the trading name of Tudor Lodge Digital Ltd which trades under company number: 10437769

Octagon Capital does not provide advice on regulated mortgage contracts or credit agreements, these are carried out by one of our independent FCA regulated associates. Octagon Capital acts as a Credit Broker with access to whole of market and does not act as a Lender.


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